Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Spray Review 


Getting a new home or remodeling is a wonderful feeling right up to the point when a homeowner realizes lawn grass seldom sprouts up on it’s own. Transplanting grass in strips or patches doesn’t always work either. Often the lawn will wind up looking green in some spots with yellow or bare patches. Most methods are also costly. This is the reason that a number of reviews can be found online discussing an alternative in Hydro Mousse.

What is a Liquid Lawn?

Rather than spreading seeds by hand or trying to get patches to grow and sprout up across a lawn liquid lawn sprays both seeds and nourishment for seedlings in areas where the ground is either bare, or only a sparse growth exists. Typically, the use of liquid lawn sprays is commercial with either a professional spraying the lawn, or a property owner renting the equipment necessary. This can cost roughly the same or at times more than implanting patches, but usually the same as using tossing seeds. The benefit is that’s it’s a more effective method than patches or placing seeds by hand.

What is Hydro Mousse?

For the typical homeowner a liquid lawn spray is too expensive, but Hydro Mousse combines the method of spraying the seed and nourishment with a less expensive of simply adding water at using a standard garden hose. In this way it’s possible to have the same effect of using rental spray equipment with the prospect of performing the job for less expensive. In fact, it’s possible to have a better, greener lawn for less than $20.

How Does Hydro Mousse Work?

Hydro Mousse works the same way as commercial seed sprays, but with the benefit of being able to use a standard garden hose. When ordering the hydro mousse liquid lawn the package contains all that’s needed for a greener lawn.

  • A nozzle to attach to the hose. This nozzle contains a chamber where the formula is mixed with the seed and water.
  • A 20 ounce bottle of Magic Mousse formula. This formula helps the seed remain in place after spray, but it sprays on smooth allowing the user to spray evenly across the lawn. There is enough formula to usually cover 90-100 square feet of lawn.
  • The package contains ½ pound of premium grass seed blend. It’s possible when necessary to add additional seeds or specific types of grass seeds for a mixed lawn.
hydro mousse in 3 steps

How To Use – 3 Easy Steps

Where to Buy Hydro Mousse?

Because of hydro mousses ability to work across a large space, or smaller areas such as dog spots, it’s popular despite the fact it’s not available in stores. From my experience I recommend to order from the official site. Many have found this is to their benefit as ordering is easy, and special deals are often offered, and you can use their tracking system to track your order or contact the company for any problem or in a rare case of a defective hydro mousse.

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The Results from Hydro Mousse


Hydro Mousse Results After 2 weeks

Those who have tried Hydro Mousse liquid grass spray have found the same results possible with professional sprays. When using the seeds that come with the mousse and nozzle the growth is soft and lush. Most found that with extremely large areas it’s necessary to use additional seeds, but for small areas such as covering the bare ground patches, or spots that have resisted growth there’s a immediate growth after two weeks. Most find the best results after reading the instructions, and using the spray as directed.

While it’s possible to have results from other methods most will have similar effect, but only with the use of professional equipment or a crew. Keeping a great lawn lush and green is possible for the average homeowner keeping a household budget with the use of this do-it-yourself hydroseeding spray.

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