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Before you read this article, just answer the question, “Do I own GreenWorks Garden tool?” If the answer is no, this is definitely for you. Though I had used electric powered hedge trimmers for at least 7 years for now, I wanted something portable, handy, cordless, no noise, pollution free device for my lawn. Hoping to experience premium performance without using gasoline, I approached many shops that sell garden equipment. What most of them had were just disappointments for me. It was then when I watched GreenWorks Tools performing on the television. It was exactly what I wanted. I stayed tuned to the television to know more about its features. Surprisingly it turned out to be an environment friendly, cordless and battery operated garden tool. That’s it! I placed an order for it immediately! It might seem to be a hasty decision for some of you but let me explain it to you.

About GreenWorks Tools

GreenWorks Tools are battery powered gardening tools that are designed to offer heavy duty results without causing negative impact on the environment. They are graded as zero Carbon footprint garden equipment, a label offered only to environment friendly devices.

How does GreenWorks Garden Tools Contribute to the Environmental Protection?

Various gases present in the nature keep the earth warm and protected. Methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and carbon dioxide are a few of the Greenhouse gases. While limited quantities of these gases keep the Earth warm, more of these gases increase the temperature. Factors such as industries, vehicle pollution, mining, machineries and more are the culprits of Global Warming. While many of the gas operated yard tools emit carbon, GreenWorks offer gas comparable performance and efficient results without using gas to power their lawn equipment.

GreenWorks Lawn Tools As Seen on TV

As seen on the television, GreenWorks tools offers a range of garden tools that work on battery to provide power packed results without impacting the environment. The tool uses rechargeable Energy Star approved Lithium Ion batteries. While most of the conventional garden tools require long cords, tiring gas refills and regular leakage repairs, this one is simply easy to use and easy to maintain. The batteries offer a long run time and enhanced power as compared to the traditional garden tools.

Specifications of GreenWorks Tools

GreenWorks Tools offers a wide range of environment friendly tools ranging from hedge trimmers to chain saws and lawn mowers. The 19”, 3 in 1 lawn mower offers a power-packed, perfect mowing for about 60 minutes uninterruptedly. The 40 V rechargeable and reusable lithium ion batteries extend the performance of the device to a longer duration. The completely foldable and movable feature of the equipment makes it one of the best portable lawn devices. Whether it is a tall or short grass, you may adjust the height to cut the grass off. With 8” rear wheels and 7” front wheels GreenWorks tools is a perfect lawn tool for any homemaker. Besides the equipment includes 40V string trimmer that provides 40% increased run time as compared to the other equipment. The adjustable spinning head makes it easy to move. The speed-variation and accidental start up lock- off switch is the prime step taken by the manufacturer to ensure ultimate safety.

What People Think About GreenWorks Tools?

The advertisement shown on the television about the unbelievable advantages of GreenWorks draws the attention of everyone whether it is a home maker, retailer or a shop owner. When you buy the product you are given to understand that you are offered a package that solves all the issues related to the lawn maintenance. Though there are two sides of all the claims, most of the customers who tried the battery run lawn tool were either satisfied or over satisfied. Believe me; you are not taking chances when you choose the light- weighted power efficient, affordable, long-lasting and dependable set of GreenWorks Tools as the whole thing is a great utility in itself. Not just me, but there are many satisfied customers out there expressing their gratitude to the battery operated garden device.

“Perfect for a Town home”

 Mary, Harrsonburg, VA, US

“Very useful tool for small clean-up projects”

– CMHBuckye, Columbus, Ohio, US

“The perfect tool for environment- friendly people”

– Tim Brandley, Atlantis

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Good and Bad 

With all the best in place for the users, GreenWorks is certainly the best in the line of battery operated portable garden tools. The powerful little garden unit will cut through anything from blades of grass to small shrubs. Long battery life, swivelling head for better edging, 4 year manufacturer warranty for the motor and components and of course a good customer support, all make the product a must own item for every user. A couple of setbacks now – There is no auto-feed option for the line and swivelling head does not lock in place. The device lets out a burning smell if anything is caught around the spool. Every time a strand of grass or twigs gets caught, you need to stop and remove it before proceeding. However if the user is wise enough to use the device as instructed, it is a bang for the buck.

Where to Buy GreenWorks Tools?

Major online sites like Amazon offer a wide range of environment- friendly garden tools manufactured by GreenWorks. The best part of the offer is the FREE Shipping The 19” 40V 3-in 1 lawn mower includes 2 rechargeable batteries of 40V each and a star rated battery charger. Along with the product you will be eligible for a free bonus that includes 40V blower and String trimmer (you have to pay the P&H fee for the free gifts). Also visit the official site to know more about their products and get the correct picture of the product. Also to avoid getting duped, you may visit any of their dealers or distribution centres to purchase their products.

Final Verdict

Considering the real cost incurred in buying a blower, battery, charger and accessories, the complete package of GreenWorks tools seem to be a good bargain. Benefits of GreenWorks are

  • Cordless
  • Battery powered
  • Portable
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • No gasoline required
  • Environment- friendly
  • Cost- effective

A neat and trimmed lawn enhances the looks and the value of your home. Using an efficient tool to manage the lawn not just saves time but also money and efforts. Choosing GreenWorks Tools over smoky and smelly devices would be the wisest decision one could make to keep the home, nation and the planet clean.

Greenworks tools as seen on tv

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