Greenworks Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25292 40-Volt 4 Amp-Hour Lithium Ion 19-Inch Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25292 40-Volt at

Weekend gardeners and those who cut lawns for a living have one thing in common. Time is never on the side of the person who wants to trim a lawn neatly. Weather conditions, lighting, and other factors never last long. Depending on the amount of yard, and the obstacles the mower will encounter equipment such as the Greenworks lawn mower can speed the job in a number of ways, while giving the lawn a smooth, and trimmed appearance without having to stop or perform several tasks independent of each other.

The Greenworks  25292 Lawn Mower is a good example of performing multiple tasks at the same time to enhance the appearance of a lawn quickly. The mower not only neatly trims the lawn, it provides mulching, collection and side discharge. It’s not necessary to perform any sort of pickup or mulching after mowing in a mid-sized area.

This mower also has an adjustable cutting height with several different positions that allows anyone mowing to have the right height for cutting, or to avoid obstacles. Made of a durable stamped steel the cutting deck of this mower is built to withstand the typical impediments found in most yards such as hidden small rocks, and fallen pieces of wood.



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