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At some point almost every homeowner looks outside the kitchen window and isn’t happy with the view. An uneven, scraggly lawn detracts from the appearance of a home, and it can also affect its resale value. Keeping a fresh, evenly mown lawn can be easy with the right mower. Having to constantly stop to fuel the mower, or empty the collection bag can slow the process of turning a yard into a sculpted landscape. Hitting rocks or tree roots can actually be dangerous. These are the thoughts that the designers of the Greenworks Lawn Mower apparently considered. This is a mower that allows anyone using it to have a perfect lawn quickly, and safely. The same is true with a number of other products from this company can make quick work of many outdoor jobs.

Along with mowers the company also makes many other tools that offer those working on their own home lawn, or those who work professionally out of doors to have a simpler task. Whether starting out for the first time in keeping a yard, or having years of experience this line has the innovative tools needed for the job.

Greenworks Mowers

Noise is a problem that can affect the times and use of a lawnmower, as can having to constantly fuel the mower. A combustible engine will need oil, and a supply of fuel to keep running effectively. There’s nothing as annoying as having to stop in the middle of mowing to check the fuel level, or because it needs more oil.

An alternative is the electric motor, but here there’s a need to use a cord. Mowers requiring a cord work well in small areas, but even long cords become problematic, and many past owners report the common accident of running over the cord with the mower. Early battery powered mowers had the issue of using up the battery long before finishing a typical sized yard.

The Greenworks Mowers solution to both reducing noise, and a better use of energy in their efficient 40V G-Max Lithium-Ion Lawn Tool Series mower. This is a good practical method of reducing noise while mowing, and also having a clean, long running machine through the rechargeable battery. These mowers are cordless, and with a longer lasting battery than most such mowers make it possible to complete a mid-sized yard quickly, and have more time to relax while enjoying a well-trimmed lawn.

Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower at


Greenworks Chainsaw

When looking for a chainsaw most people are hoping to find a device that’s easy to handle, can last through the length of the job without having to stop to repair or refuel, and one that has the power to cut through any type of wood quickly.  The difference between the GreenWorks 40V and other similar devices is this is a device which offers very easy handling with enough power to make it through most tough jobs.

While this chainsaw line doesn’t offer the same type of power found in 50cc machines that use combustible fuel, they do offer a cleaner, easier to handle cutting tool. Using Li-Ion or Lithium batteries these chainsaw machines are typically lighter, and ruggedly built to take on tough jobs.

A cleaner running motor can make the job easier as there are no fumes, less noise, and no greasy smoke to deal with while cutting through logs, trees, or processed woods. Unlike many other clean running saws the battery operated chainsaw is not only cordless, but the two batteries options offer a fade-free run for hours of use.

Trimming and pruning around the yard is simple with the lightweight and mobile, quieter tools found among many of this chainsaw line. For the tougher jobs look for this chainsaw with tool-free chain tensioning and auto-oiling system.

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 16-inch DigiPro Brushless Chainsaw

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 16-inch at

Greenworks Pole Saw

Hard to reach spots can put those needing to trim, prune, or cut in high out of the way places either precariously perched on a ladder or leaning out of window. The Greenworks Pole Saw gives the is a better method of reaching these trouble areas with less risk, and greater control of the saw no matter the angle necessary to get a good trim or to take off just as much tree limb as necessary when pruning.  No more balancing while trying with a heavier saw spewing fumes, and less fear of losing control and dropping the saw or falling.

Along with a cleaner running motor and energy through a long lasting battery, the ergonomic design of the pole saw allows anyone at any skill level a better grip and easier handling of the saw making getting tough spots, and performing delicate trims a simpler job.

GreenWorks G-MAX Cordless Polesaw

GreenWorks G-MAX Cordless Polesaw at


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