What is Hydroseeding ?

Hydroseeding is a method of planting that’s fast, and has a much higher success rate than other methods of seeding.  Through this method a slurry of seed and mulch is combined, transported by tank, and then sprayed over prepared ground. Because of the ease with both transporting and spreading the mix it is one of the most cost effective ways to plant. With consideration to square miles of laying seeds this method can be utilized with a few handheld sprayers, or for very large areas a truck or even a helicopter can be employed.

Hydroseeding is used to plant an entire lawn, or larger areas such as a recently constructed city block, as the entire location can be completed in a short time. While the cost for this process is more than broadcast seeding, it is much less than planting sod, and the cost of manpower is also lowered. This is always among the easiest ways to have quick growth on hillsides and sloping lawns where erosion is likely to do the most damage without a fast growing process. Typically, results from this type of seeding are seen within a week, and maintenance can usually beginning within three weeks.

Hydro Mousse: The World’s First Home Hydroseeding System

hydro mousseWhen many people moving into a new home, or take over a home after construction was performed there’s the disheartening feeling when facing a bare lawn. No matter how attractive the house is, it doesn’t feel like a home until there’s grass, bushes, and possibly some trees. This feat can be accomplished faced than a homeowner might believe with Hydro Mousse, official site here. Hydroseeding is often used for large areas of land that need quick growth, but this can be difficult for the budget of most people. Using this method introduced by Spray n Stay Technology this accelerated seeding system is available for a very affordable price.

This method can also be used for a number of uses beyond just a bare lawn. It can also be utilized for those spots in a yard that are showing bare patches or where no growth has occurred.  New grass will blend in seamless with an existing lawn, and help with dog spots, shady sections, and those locations where traffic has chewed up the lawn. Each kit offers an easy to use nozzle, coating chamber, and mousse and grass seed blend. There’s enough per kit to cover up to 100 square feet of lawn. This method cost under $20, and is among the least expensive accelerated growing alternatives.

Like other forms of hydroseeding the mousse offers an immediate habitate for the grass seed including the nourishment the seed needs to survive. Unlike seeding the ground these seeds are immediately transferred to the ground with the mixture, and gently anchored by the mousse. Unlike planting the growth the seeds aren’t implanted in a process that can take hours, and can result in many of the seedlings being lost. Birds, wind, and weeds can steal the promise of a better lawn, but this technology makes it The Spray n Stay Technology method gives the regular garden a chance to have the same green and perfectly even results a professional landscaper will charge hundreds of dollars to accomplish. The entire process can be accomplished with the same ease as watering the lawn. Find more in my review here.

hydro mousse in 3 steps

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The mousse and grass seeds are not only environmentally friendly this is also a way to keep the lawn from overusing water. Since the seeds are locked in spraying a hill or slopping area isn’t a problem. It’s also possible spray where growing would ordinarily be very difficult such as hard to reach places like corners, or beneath fountains or overhangs.

Most of the equipment comes with the kit, but a hose that can reach the places where the spraying is needed. Longer hoses can usually be found in any hardware or home improvement shop.

hydro mousse resultsOne of the things many find most attractive about this process over other ways of lawn growth is the guesswork is cut out. There’s very little mixing and measuring, and there’s also no need to constantly check on spots that are sprayed. The hose attaches to the spray canister and the mixture is then sprayed in the spots within a few minutes. The seeding works quickly, and needs little after care.

This is an unusual do it yourself project in that there’s no need to buy extra much equipment outside of having a hose, and there’s no real time taken to spread the grass. When looking at other ways to cover a large or even small area of the lawn with replacement grass, these will often take at least a few hours compared to Hydro mousse’s requiring only a few minutes. The mixture can be used the same day it arrives, and the growth will usually take only a few days time.

Do It Yourself

Some have taken the bare lawn problem into their own hands with hydroseeding, and products such as Hydro Mousse. Faced with lawn problems large or small this is a process capable of tackling large areas, high traffic areas with the problems of a patchy appearance of other issues common in other methods.

Patchy lawns occur when sections are new grass are purchased and placed over the ground, with hopes this growth will transplant. The problem many encounter is that some the transplanted grass will take well while others selections will frequently display slower progress, different colorization such as yellowing, or unfortunately not take the transplanting at all. This leaves the space with different lengths of grass, splotches of different colors, and dead patches. This is disappointing for those hoping for the same effect achieved by professional landscapers. The reason for the difference is that pros use the spray technique over transplants in most cases.

For most homeowners or those looking to fix either a bare space, or a damaged lawn the first step is to contact a company that either does the hydroseeding, or will rent the equipment for this method of landscaping. Unless this is a large space taking over 100 square feet, at a time this can seem like overkill. The seeding and slurry mixture is most often carried by a truck or trailer, and a high powered hose is used. This is incredible quickly, but costly in terms of equipment rental and paying for the workers time.

The next most common method is to the rent the truck and other equipment for a do-it-yourself project. This is somewhat less expensive in that the worker isn’t necessary, but it leaves the at home project entirely in the hands of those owning the home. High-powered hoses are often hard to get use for the first time. Still, this is still much easier than attempting large scale transplanting or other methods of seeding. It’s also the most likely way of getting a landscaped, smooth appearance with no patches or areas of dead grasses.

A few hardware stores might carry some of the equipment required for hydro seeding. Some such as Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding System sells the equipment for around $2000 dollars. Naturally, the buyer for this equipment will be landscapers who use this equipment such as the trailer for holding the slurry for multiple lawns. Some companies will allow rental of these pieces of this equipment for smaller jobs. This leaves the people working, on a lawn needing to find the slurry mixture or making this on their own, but the good news here is the results are almost always superior.

At those times when repair is the aim, and the entire lawn doesn’t need to be laid down, this can seem excessive, but the results are usually much better for spots that are bald, trampled, or yellowed, or dying. Some other repair such as trimming trees from over shading the lawn, or fixing low areas where too much water collects is at times necessary.

The Prices

The prices for hydroseeding vary widely depending on the equipment, manpower, and the part of the country where the home is located. Spray n Stay Technology by Hydro Mousse is only $20, while other products and rentals will usually cost in the hundreds of dollars.

  • Having a truck or trailer along with the technician to run the high-powered hose will cost between $100 to $1000 dollars depending on the area sprayed. Costs will increase if the truck and trailer are supplied with the slurry for spraying instead of the mixture being supplied by the homeowner. Some landscaping companies will only their mixture, so it’s best to ask before signing a contract if another mixture can be used in order to avoid misunderstandings later. 
  • Renting a truck or trailer: along with the high-powered hose, but spraying the mixture one’s self is less expensive at $100 to $500 dollars depending on the time taken for the work. The difference here is there is no payment for a technician, and the rental is by square feet, but rather by the time the equipment is used. This can still be an advantage since if the lawn is prepped in advance of the rental the equipment can usually be returned quickly.
  • A full landscaping job: the lawn is prepped by company, sprayed, and the seed checked can run from between $200 to $2000 or more in some parts of the country depending on the size of the lawn. Pre-prepping the lawn by removing weeds and obstacles such as rocks or debris before the landscaper arrives can at times reduce some of these charges. Knowing problem areas and their causes in advance is also a way to cut down on charges. Landscapers with a solid reputation are those to seek out for this type of job, however these are also the most likely to charge more per hour.

The Equipment You’ll Need

The trucks used for hydroseeding cost more than those used for more general construction or maintenance. The truck must be outfitted to carry materials under pressure so the slurry of seeds and mulch can be released by the high-pressure hose. This is the reason those having this done professionally, or renting the truck will pay more for the work, or to used the truck as a rental. Such a truck will cost the landscape company more, and this is passed on to the client. In renting a truck the do-it-yourself project is simple, but the hose used is also much different than the standard garden hose. Rentals can be for a few hours, or several days as need be.

A trailer and hose can also be used for hydroseeding. Trailers are less expensive than trucks, but can’t carry as much of the mulch and seed as a truck. Again, this can be part of a professional service, or rented along with the high-pressure hose. Those renting should understand rental times are based on the check out time and the return time. If the service is some distance away the transport time will still be a part of the charge. Whenever possible it’s best to rent from those companies with a nearby location in order to avoid extra charges in returning the equipment.

The mulch and seed mixture can be found in many landscaping or home and garden shops. If these aren’t available in a nearby location many have found online shops or wholesalers that carry the right type of mixture online.